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GForge is an uncompromising solution that is comprehensive, elegant and built for complex projects.

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Save Money by Shrinking Your Toolset Without Sacrificing Features

Do you have too many tools supporting project delivery? Tired of negotiating down their high price tags and still be left with the cost of keeping them integrated? GForge saves its customers as much as 25% annually by providing a Comprehensive set of Elegant collaboration features. Getting started is as easy as hosting with us or downloading GForge today.

Project Tracking - With GForge's unified
                        tools you can plan, build, track, release and report your progress.

Project Management

Regardless of your project management or software delivery process (Agile, Scrum, etc) With GForge's unified tools you can plan, build, track, release and report your progress.

Team Chat Integration - Integrated team chat provides a real-time, archived thread of all
                        project-related activity

Team Chat

Integrated team chat provides a real-time, archived thread of all project-related activity allowing the team to feel the project's pulse.

Code Support

Software Development

Build Better Software by extending project management in GForge with features like continuous integration, code reviews and pull requests with support for Git and Subversion (SVN).

Create, Manage, & Scale Your Projects

While GForge may seem like it is built for software organizations, it excels in what it brings to the leaders in your organizations. GForge provides you with more lead time in realizing when key deadlines are in jeopardy and it ensures the work your teams are focused on aligns with your strategic priorities. GForge's porfolio management features are a great addition to any Project Management Office (PMO).

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Our Core Features

We understand even the best companies don’t always get their best ideas to market on time and like you we know that time means everything. GForge lets you choose which features your project needs now and as your project evolves you can enable additional features.

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Simple Transparent Pricing

GForge is free for small teams and priced to grow as your team grows and is available as a hosted or an on-premises solution. We can help you discover the right solution for your team.



Up to 5 active users
Unlimited public projects
Unlimited private projects

This is good for smaller teams & organizations evaluating Gforge. Contact us if you'd like more free users included in your evaluation.



Based on your requirements we can tailor make a proposal to suit your needs & Budget.

Great for larger teams including organizations, non-profits, universities, and R&D.


$6.00 per user/monthly

Tiered pricing starts at $6/user
First 5 users free
Projects can be public or private
Open source projects are free

GForge 360 Assessment

The assessment process begins with some simple questions to determine if GForge fits the needs of your organization. If it does, let us work with you to determine the specific needs of your organization and how to best configure GForge to meet your objectives.

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Posted on Feb 24, 2020

Top 8 GForge Features in 2019

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Posted on Jan 29, 2020

GForge v19.2 Released!

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of GForge v19.2. This release includes three dozen new features and a number of bug fixes. Download GForge v19.2 Now! Take a tour of GForgeNext! Getting Started with GForgeNext Highlights in GForge v19.2 Dark Mode – GForge is joining the Dark Mode fray! Project Groups – Project leads can now …

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