GForge v6.2.0: Live Discussions, Improved Tracker Queries and More

Today, GForge Advanced Server delivers Live Discussions, Improved Tracker Queries and more.  Here is a quick run-down of what’s new.

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Live Discussions

Live Discussions gives product managers a pulse on the their projects while giving teams a great way to collaborate but, most of all, chat makes collaboration fun!  Don’t let the familiar “chat” user interface fool you.  Live Discussions are fully integrated into GForge:

  • See Project Activity – As bugs and other tasks are added or changed, the updates are streamed to your live discussion room.  Similarly you will be notified of new source code commits, updated documents, wiki entries and other project activity.
  • Social – Invite users to a live discussion or get their attention by simply using @ mentions (e.g. @janedoe).  We also support @ mentions in tracker items and all your notifications will appear in the new Notification Center.
  • Completely Searchable – All live discussion messages are searchable which allows you to find those important nuggets of information from prior discussions.
  • Discuss anything – Live discussions can happen at the project level or on just about anything in your project including bugs, tasks, documents, wiki entries and more.  These discussions are then forever linked with the artifact being discussed.
  • Autolink – Type in [#XXXX] or the full URL and a summary of that bug or task will appear in the live discussion.
  • Embedded Content – Paste in the URL to an image or YouTube video and the content will appear in the live discussion.
  • Drag-n-Drop – We provide HTML5 drag-n-drop support.  To share a new document, just drag it from your desktop into the chat window.
  • Sounds – We ship stock sounds but you can upload your own sounds for use in your project’s live discussions.
  • Email Integration – If you monitor a live discussion to receive email updates from a live discussion, you can continue the conversation by simply hitting “reply” with your email client.
  • Security – Not only do we leverage the powerful GForge Access Controls, we (optionally) pump all external links through Google’s Safe Browsing API to prevent phishing or the spread of viruses.

Improved Tracker Queries

We’ve updated Trackers to make finding and reporting on bugs and task simpler:

  • Pre-defined Queries – We’ve updated the predefined queries in GForge to include “Recently Modified”, “Closed”, “Open”, “Unassigned” and “My Open Items”.
  • Tracker Browsing – When browsing Trackers you can now filter using “Any User”, “Any Open Status” and “Any Closed Status”.
  • Relative Date Support – Run reports on Trackers to include things have change since “last friday” or that are due “tomorrow”.  You can still use explicit dates but no doubt you’ll appreciate the new expressive control you get.  Additionally, you can test all relative date queries with our Date Criteria Tester.

Numerous Bug Fixes

Really at the heart of v6.2.0 you have a significant bug fix release with the features above.  We’ve implemented so many bug fixes that we can’t cover them here but you can get the exhaustive ChangeLog.  That said, we recommend all v6.1.2 customers to upgrade immediately.

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