What is new in GForge 6 AS

We review the major new features that will bring the upcoming GForge AS 6, the next major release of GForge AS.

Hierarchical Trackers:

  • Update on the powerful tracking system already existing in GForge AS.
  • Lets you structure tasks as a tree.
  • Tracker items can have subitems, with no limits.
  • You can create trees of any depth, there’s no limit on the number of levels.
  • It’s ajax based, when you expand an item, the system quickly retrieves the children items and populates the tree.
  • You can assign an item as a child of another item with a simple drag and drop operation.

Calendar Plugin:

  • The new calendar plugin lets you organize your tasks, share them and export them.
  • Besides events created by the user, the calendar will show starting/ending tasks assigned to the user in the specified time frame.
  • There are week and day views too.
  • You can export individual events or the whole calendar (including tasks) to an icalendar file.
  • Events marked as public can be seen by others

Blog Plugin:

  • The Blog plugin comes to replace the old “News” plugin, with a much more modern look, similar to that offered by WordPress.
  • Blog posts can contain rich text content with images.
  • Posts can have tags associated to them, and the tag cloud lets you filter posts by keyword.
  • A comments subsystem lets users post threaded comments to a post, with a quick and convenient ajax-based interface.

Social features:

  • Message wall: optionally, project homepages can include a message wall, where users can post general messages or messages targeted to specific users.
    • Users can post replies to comments.
    • A post can have an attachment, such as an image or a file.
    • A post can include a link to specific sections within the project.
    • The message wall is a quick and convenient way to let users communicate within a project.
    • Users also have a personal message wall in My Stuff, where they can share private messages between them.

  • User avatars: a user can upload an avatar or choose one from the existing stock avatars. Avatars are shown throughout the system, in user posts, user comments, etc

GIT over HTTP:

we added support for HTTP access to our GIT plugin.

To sum up, GForge 6 brings new an exciting features, we have described some of the major ones in this post, but there are many more news.   When the final release is ready, we will provide the full list.