GForge 22.0 Released!

GForge v22.0 is primarily a feature release with a fair number of bug fixes included

Introducing Planning Boards

You already know GForge allows you to plan, distribute and track your work. With GForge you are already able to plan a release, break the release down into manageable sprints and assign work to your team. Planning Boards gives our existing kanban features a big shot in the arm by allowing you to create boards and quickly begin moving work around. The image below gives an example of moving tickets in a release into sprints and assigning the work out.

We’ll be sharing a deeper dive covering Planning Boards on here and on our YouTube Channel.

Other Key Highlights in v22.0

Project Navigation – We’ve made a big improvement to the project navigation bar. The new version now groups related project features and adds labels. The prior version assumed you knew the icon for each feature).

  • Tickets
    • There are cases where you want to have tickets in one project reference commits made in other projects. The commits tab in the ticket editor will now show the commit data.
    • There is a printable version of a ticket.
  • Documents – You can now add tags to documents.
  • Version Control – There’s been a number of improvements:
    • For Git repositories we’ve replaced the “master” branch with the name “main” (this only applies to new projects)
    • We’ve added a script to convert CVS repositories to Git
    • Some minor bug fixes (see ChangeLog below for more information)
  • Admin:
    • We now have the ability to share a software bill of materials (SBOM) listing all the libraries and packages GForge uses in each release. You can request the SBOM by email
    • Projects can now to exported from one GForge instance and imported into another GForge instance assuming both instances are running the same version of GForge.

The 22.0 ChangeLog will help you understand the changes you can expect.

Check back soon as we’ll be sharing our plans for the rest of 2022!

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