GForge 22.1 Released!

GForge v22.1 is primarily a bug fix release with a fair number of new features included!

GForge Now Supports Windows

Over the years we have been asked numerous times if GForge can run under windows. The complexities of GForge’s collaboration features had tied us completely to Linux. When we released our first version of GForgeNext under Docker we saw a future that might eventually include Windows. Today is that day.

You’re probably wondering why now when Docker has been out for years. The key lies in GForge’s interactions with the host filesystem and now with WSL (Windows Subsystem in Linux) those final hurdles have been dealt with.

GForge Includes Podman Support

We’re not here to ding Docker, it’s served us well for many years. That said, their approach to virtualization has caught the eye of many in the security world and because of that Podman was born. Podman was built to do everything Docker does but addressing many of the security concerns in Docker. With all that in mind, GForge now support Podman in addition to Docker. As important, your choice of Podman vs Docker is independent of your choice of Linux vs Window+WSL.

Other Key Highlights in v22.1

  • Tickets
    • Tickets can now be filtered based on whether or not they have attachments.
    • Tickets can also be filtered based on they have a parent and/or child ticket.
    • Users can now react (thumbs up/down) on comments.
  • Chat – We have added a few useful macros. For example you can search StackOverflow, Microsoft, and Wikipedia. You can also send private messages to a specific user. To see all of the supported macros just type “/help”.
  • Markdown – Anywhere GForge supports markdown now includes support for tables.
  • Version Control – All the repository homepages now include a link to a GForge-specific FAQ addressing common issues our customers have using Git, SVN and CVS

The 22.1 ChangeLog will help you understand the changes you can expect.

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