Download GForge

GForge's One Minute Install was built for easy hosting, management and a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

GForge Installer
tgz, 91KB

md5 d51dccec99a23b5b21574533f50413fa

Offline Installer
tgz, 638MB

md5 0ea7b83fbe19dd3937df4a91b2644e32

Looking for GForge Advanced Server GForge Advanced Server?

The One Minute Install

You're just one minute away from better project management and Building Better Software! All you need is one of the installers above and 60 seconds. Check out the demo video below to see just how fast it is to get GForge Next installed and running.

Minimum System Specs

For Windows:
   Windows running WSL2
   Most current version of Docker
   8GB RAM (10GB Recommended), 100GB Disk

   System running Podman or Docker
   4GB RAM (6GB Recommended), 60GB Disk

Need help sizing for your organization?


Installing GForge is meant to be as painless as possible.

If you are having any problems installing GForge our team is here to help. Even if you are just evaluating GForge.


Try the GForge Plugin for Jenkins - additional integrations coming soon.

Having trouble installing or configuring the GForge Plugin for Jenkins? We can help!