Legacy Downloads

You can install GForge Advanced Server from source or by downloading our VMWare Image. The current version of GForge AS is 6.4.5. NOTE: This will be the last release in the 6.x series. Please consider upgrading to GForgeNext

GForge AS Installer
v6.4.5, 30MB
GForge AS VM Image
VM Image, 765MB

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CentOS/RHEL 7+
2GB of RAM, 4GB recommended
50GB of Disk
2.60GHz CPU (AMD or Intel)

These are the minimum requirements for GForge Advanced Server. Our team can help you size your system.


Installing GForge Advanced Server is meant to be as painless as possible.

If you are having any problems installing GForge Advanced Server our team is here to help. Even if you are just evaluating GForge Advanced Server.


GForge Jenkins Plugin v1.0.0.
GForge Visual Studio Plugin v2.1.0.
GForge Eclipse Plugin v2.3.0.
GForge Microsoft Project Plugin v2.0.0.

Having trouble installing or configuring a GForge Advanced Server Plugin? We can help!