Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting an enterprise-level collaboration tool can be confusing, especially if you're not an enterprise (yet!).

Here are a few commonly-asked questions and answers to get you started. Feel free contact us directly via chat or schedule a time for more in-depth discussion.

General Questions

What is GForgeNEXT?

GForgeNEXT is the next generation of GForge and will replace the GForge v6.x series. GForge v6.4.4, released in April of 2018, is likely the last release in the 6.x series ahead of the release of GForgeNEXT. GForgeNEXT is an update to the feaureset and user interface and provides the basis for future innovation.

When will GForgeNEXT be available?

GForgeNEXT will be available in June of 2018. We will be providing updates on our blog at

How long will the GForge 6.x series be supported?

Rest assured that if you are running GForge 6.x we will not be pulling the rug out from under you after the release of GForgeNEXT. To that end, once GForgeNEXT is released, we will support the last two versions of GForge AS (v6.4.3, v6.4.4) until at least June 2019 (possibly longer). This will give those customers plenty of time to plan their upgrade.