Getting Started with GForge

There are several easy, flexible options to jump start your collaboration using GForge Next. We'll help you get started, and provide ongoing advice and assistance as your teams, processes or compliance needs change.

Every customer gets top-notch, personal training and support from GForge staff. This includes access to live chat, web conferencing, and traditional ticket-based support.

Considering a move from Jira? We can help with the data migration as part of your onboarding, so your team doesn't spend time on the move, and all of their tasks, wiki entries, and commits are waiting when they get here.


Register an account now to host your projects with us. Hosting with us is the quickest way to get started and ensures you will always have first access to new features and bug fixes.


With our One Minute Install you can be running GForge in your network and on your servers faster than any other collaboration solution. GForge Next is distributed via Docker, so any system that supports Docker (or podman!) can run GForge with zero additional dependencies.


If you need a dedicated instance of GForge without the hassle of installation and maintenance you can get cloud-based hosting with us!