Remote Working For Every Team

GForge can help every team be more productive and scale remotely in the wake of COVID-19

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 outbreak proved it’s that a majority of small to medium sized businesses weren’t ready for social distancing. It might be a good idea to work alone - but how does your team work together if there are miles, mountains or even oceans between them?

You DO have social distancing options, and GForge is the best option for remote teams. The GForge platform is sophisticated, yet still easy to learn and use every day.

Social Distancing Features:

  • Remotely plan, distribute and track work.
  • Securely share and version key documents.
  • Use chat rooms to communicate remotely.
  • Zoom Video Conferencing Integration.
  • Wiki pages to document key processes and procedures.
  • Remotely collaborate with customers and other stakeholders.
  • Fine tuned control of what users have access to.

Our intent is simple: we’re here to help

To prove it, we’re offering the following options:

  • For organizations new to GForge we are offering GForge in both SaaS or on-premises for free for up to 12 months.
  • For existing customers, we are offering a free upgrade to unlimited users for up to 12 months
  • Flexibility - Like everybody else, we are all trying to remain flexible as all grapple with the impacts of COVID-19. If you have special needs please contact us.

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Still not sure?

Included with the free options above we will consult with you to identify your remote work needs to ensure the team’s success no matter your location. If you’re a business that needs to adopt and learn the use of collaboration platforms enabling your team to work remote, this is what you need to know.

It's easy to get started


With our One Minute Install you can be running GForge in your network and on your servers.


No install, no server, and daily access to new features


Want a dedicated instance of GForge, without the hassle of installation and maintenance?

Everything's Included

We're ready to help

To support teams who are suddenly transitioning to remote work, we also offer the following services free of charge:

  • Identify the best hosting options for your organization.
  • Configure GForge to conform to the processes of your organization.
  • One free online training session for users.
  • One free online training session for administrators.
  • Weekly reviews to ensure your teams are getting the most out of GForge

We’re sure you’ve seen price gouging and monopolizing on fear and panic for things like hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. That shouldn't happen to organizations looking to quickly get a solution in place to facilitate remote work and social distancing. Rushing to the first vendor with shiny collaboration tools might get you locked into something costly, even if it starts out free of charge. We’ll ensure you have an exit strategy in place and guarantee you always have access to your data.

If you are already in a less-than-satisfying relationship with team tools, this is a perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your needs. Let GForge help you make the move to a better, cheaper and more customer-focused solution.

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GForge is used globally by large and small organizations. We understand the need to support multiple languages, time zones and working hours. GForge projects start with simple defaults, but are almost infinitely customizable, so you aren’t locked into one vendor’s worldview:

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While GForge specializes in helping technology organizations, most of its features can be used by any kind of team looking to put an affordable solution in place. Remember, you do have options and GForge’s features are comprehensive, elegant and simple enough to have you up and running quickly.

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